An impromptu Jaipur weekend

I went on an impromptu visit to Jaipur this past weekend; it was very, very relaxing. And hence the lack of pictures, I did nothing but relax. 🙂 I started making my way towards ISBT after checking online for buses to Jaipur. I was thinking that I may need to go to Sarai Kale Khan, but apparently, according to the rsrtc website, the place for a bus to Jaipur was ISBT (not a/c Volvo as I soon found out). It is not an easy website to find the information you are looking for. Thankfully, on the way to the Metro station, the person I shared the cycle-rickshaw with informed me that buses for Jaipur leave from Bikaner House, near India Gate. I was to get off at the Central Secretariat Metro station anyways, which is close to India Gate, so I concluded that I’d check out Bikaner House and if need be rick-it to ISBT. And lo and behold, an a/c Volvo bus was standing there at the Bikaner House, ready to leave. Buses leave every hour; 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, 7:00…though I don’t know when the last bus at night leaves. And to my pleasant surprise, they charge less for women (travelling alone?). It is rs 815 for a ticket, but they charged me rs 675. 🙂 A very comfortable bus indeed, and very friendly staff; takes six hrs; blame it on the city traffic. After a good 1.5 hrs, we were still in Gurgaon. 

I am a hard to impress person, esp when it comes to hotels, and Le Meridien, Jaipur, didn’t exactly impress me. But I fell in love with it when I saw the bill. I have to admit that it is very, very good value for your money. I would definitely go there again, if I ever. The food was really good, although when I asked them to customise something, it wasn’t what I was expecting, or explained. What I absolutely loved was that the massage lady asked me if she need focus on the “chest” area. At almost all the places, they quietly ignore that area, and I feel somewhat cheated. Not here though, the woman did a very thorough, professional job; although they could do with renovating the spa area a bit.

What I absolutely must share is that the cab guys take the tourists to shops that although stock everything, but offer no variety or quality at all. And those shops are no where near the real Jaipur. All fakes. The cab guy even took us to a fake Rajasthali. They must have duped so many tourists like that. He was insisting that due to some construction work the interior pink city is inaccessible. But we insisted and when we reached there we raised that he was lying; no traffic or construction problems anywhere. So if you wanna shop real authentic Rajasthan stuff, please go to the real Rajasthali and Bunker (pronounced Boon-kur), govt authorised crafts shops at Ajmeri Road only; amazing variety and quality.

I did miss my camera, when I saw the city that actually is pink; the old Jaipur. The old double-storey buildings reminded me of Darya Ganj in Delhi, but a much cleaner, and a bit spacious version; pink and aesthetic. 🙂


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