Bir, Billing, Barot

A dear friend was whining about not being able to go for this creative writing workshop, in the Himalayas; it was a free workshop, and he said that I should give it a shot. Well, yours truly “learning” creative writing? Ahem…no thank you; but the free workshops bit intrigued me. I went to the website (, and it was love at first sight. I checked their schedule and saw that there were to be classes (9 days) on Buddhist Psychology. I mailed, got myself registered, and promptly reached the place as scheduled.

I took a bus till Baijnath and took a cab (15-20 mins) till the Deer Park Ins, Bir. The workshops are free but you need to pay for lodgings and food (check their website for more information).

Words cannot describe it. It’s not just the beauty, Bir is a pretty little place, but the entire vibe of the place, esp of the Deer Park Institute, is something else. Very, peaceful, quite, and loving, and light, and joyous; all that is good and positive in the world. Bir is a paragliding destination and the place is mostly full of “fliers/flyers”. There are many places around to see, though my friends and I had a great, great time just walking around locally in the evening after classes. Try the Joy and Friends cafes.

Made great friends, met some amazing, very interesting people, and had an amazing, amazing time. I look forward to going back there soon. Bunked one day and went to Barot (2 hrs drive in a cab). Enjoyed the drive, the company of friends, and yummy food.

On the way back, went to McLeod Ganj (rs 1200 cab, 2 hrs) and took a bus to Delhi. Most amazing 12 days. I am thankful, dear Universe. 🙂


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